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Vegan Eats in Montreal

Vegan Eats in Montreal

I haven’t blogged since the end of September! So much is new, and I want to share all the Christmas themed recipes, but the reality is that I haven’t had time to make any.

Grad school life, am I right?

Anyhow, things haven’t been all books and late night studying (in fact, there probably hasn’t been enough of that). I was lucky enough to be able to explore some of Montreal when my partner came to visit a couple weeks ago. We had such a wonderful time, as you can tell from the picture below, I’m sure!

I thought I’d give you a list of some of our favourite places to grab vegan noms. Excuse the really bad Instagram photos, I’m not one to carry around my camera with me.


  1. Sushi Momo

Sushi Momo was definitely my favourite vegan place that we ate at. The sushi was so good, I still dream about it. Normally my sushi order is pretty boring: avocado and cucumber. But just look at that picture, look at all the fillings! There was one roll, the spicy jackfruit roll, that honestly blew my mind. If you’re going anywhere in Montreal, make sure you hit up this place. They also have a totally separate gluten free menu.


  1. Aux Vivres

This is the brunch of all brunches. La Polenta at Aux Vivres has quickly turned into my Sunday morning craving. As many of you know, I quite miss my brunch place in Winnipeg, but this definitely beats it (gasp).


  1. Café Leaves

I’m sitting in Leaves as I write this. I normally come here to grab a latte or a coffee before class. As a totally vegan coffee shop, it’s the perfect place for me to get some good coffee while studying. They also serve gluten free vegan muffins from the bakery I discuss below, perfect for mornings when I forget to eat breakfast.


  1. Sophie Sucrée

Sophie Sucrée is a 100% vegan bakery with lots of gluten free options, making it an actual option for me to check out! Their muffins, which I pick up often at Café Leaves, are fantastic. As are their cheesecakes. Definitely worth supporting.


  1. LOV

I won’t lie: I have mixed feelings about LOV now that I have been numerous times. It’s been my go-to fancy dinner place whenever friends are in town. The atmosphere is fantastic, but I think the food is a tad overrated. It’s still delicious, but maybe just not worth the bill afterwards. It’s also the only restaurant on this list that isn’t 100% vegan. That being said, I’d eat their Kimchi fries any day. The other day I went with a friend for a glass of wine and a snack, and I think that might be a better way to enjoy the restaurant.

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