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Vegan Eats in Australia, Part 2

Vegan Eats in Australia, Part 2

I’m back from Australia now, but I’m still not over all the delicious vegan and gluten free options Australia had to offer! This post highlights five amazing restaurants that I stumbled across during my travels.

1) Bodhi, Sydney

This award winning restaurant specializes in vegan yum cha, or as we commonly know it, dim sum. Located just seconds away from the beautiful St Mary’s Cathedral in downtown Sydney, Bodhi should make every must-eat here lists. They have an entirely separate menu listing all their gluten free options, and there are many! I ate at Bodhi twice during my time in Sydney, and I almost wish I had gone more.


2) Sweet Bones, Canberra

While I stayed mostly in Sydney, I did take a weekend trip to Australia’s capital! Sweet Bones is located just on the edge of Canberra’s downtown area and is a totally vegan bakery and cafe. Loaded with lots of gluten free options, Sweet Bones saved me from having to go without breakfast and lunch while visiting the capital. Canberra is a fairly small, government town, so this was the only all-vegan joint I could find.


3) The Green Lion, Rozelle

My dad and I went on a journey to find some buildings (pictured to the right) designed by a famous Australian architect. We heard that there was a vegan pub close by, so we decided to go check it out. We get to the bar, and it just seemed like your typical (empty) pub on a Sunday afternoon. We were a little confused, wondering if they really did have an all vegan menu. When we went to order food, we were informed that The Green Lion was actually upstairs, and then we entered vegan pub heaven. Tuns of people were having lunch, and they even had a lovely patio to sit on. Definitely worth the visit.


4) RubyFruit, Leura

Leura is about a two hour train ride from Sydney and located in the Blue Mountains. We took a day trip to the area to see the mountains, but as you can see from the photo below, it was a little to foggy to see anything that day!

The trip was not wasted, though! The fog was actually beautiful, and Leura is a fun little town. Even better, they have a boutique vegan bakery and cafe. For lunch I had a delicious salad with satay sauce and fried tofu, and then for dessert I had an amazing peanut butter cheesecake. It was the kind of cheesecake that makes you want to go double check that it’s vegan. It was.

5) Bliss and Chips, Newtown

Vegan fish ‘n chips! I repeat, vegan fish ‘n chips! Mostly everything on this menu is gluten free, and the staff are super knowledgable and helpful about what is safe for celiacs. I must admit, I do not remember what fish tastes like, nor do I know what the texture of fish is like. My dad, an omnivore, was impressed with both the taste and texture of the faux fish. The menu has much more than just fish ‘n chips, they even have vegan deep fried mars bars!

And there yah have it! Five amazing vegan joints to visit while you’re in Australia.

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