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Mental Health Month, Part 1

Mental Health Month, Part 1

I am currently sipping some Chardonnay and listening to elevator music while sitting in a lounge at the Vancouver airport. Before we even get into it, let me just say this: lounges are worth it. You might be thinking, forty dollars to sit somewhere, pfft! Yah, I thought so too. Until I tried it last year. First things first: free booze. If that’s not a selling point, there is also free coffee, tea, and food. I was surprised that there were even lots of vegan salad options. A nice addition to the Chardonnay!

In all honesty, it’s a calm place to be in an airport and I have had the worst anxiety leading up to this trip.

For those who don’t know, I am on my way back to Australia to visit my dad and to take, what I am calling, a mental health month. I just want to acknowledge what a privileged position I am in to be able to take a month off to work on my mental health. Shout out to my amazing employer who so kindly let me take the time off. And another shout out to my amazing partner who supported the decision even though it means we’ll be apart for a whole month.

My first mental health month challenge: flight anxiety.

My flight anxiety took a whole session of therapy to dissect and to be honest, I still don’t know why I have it. But I do have some techniques to try out for when it is really bad. Until then, I am sticking with the drink wine and pop a Xanax until you sleep technique, and don’t you dare judge me for it.

At this exact moment, I am surprisingly calm. Maybe it’s the Xanax and Chardonnay, maybe it’s looking at these gorgeous photos I took the last time I was in Australia. Or maybe it’s the fact that my life is pretty amazing and sometimes it takes just a little distance to realize it.

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