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Welcome to The Vegan Harvest!

Welcome to The Vegan Harvest!


My name is Marieke Gruwel.  I’m a passionate vegan and feminist, and I love sharing good food with good people.  I have always dreamed of having a blog and sharing my recipes, so I finally decided to make it happen!  I’ve been vegan for almost nine years now and in January 2016, I was diagnosed with celiac.  As a result, mostly all of my recipes will be gluten free in addition to being vegan.

I owe a lot to my good friend Travis who has helped me with this project every step of the way, including doing all the designs and helping me set up this website.  You’re the best, Travis. I’m also indebted to all the vegans out there–I wouldn’t be where I am without you all.  Thank you for your advice, recipes, and compassion.  I think it goes without saying that no recipe is created in a vacuum, so thank you to all the vegan and gluten free chefs/bloggers out there who continue to inspire and challenge me.

And lastly, please, get social! Make sure to follow us @theveganharvest on Instagram and Twitter.  If you make one of the recipes, use the hashtag #theveganharvest so we can see! Here are just a few pictures we’ve shared on social media (and yes, the recipes are coming!):

We hope you enjoy our recipes and the stories that go with them.

-The Vegan Harvest


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